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Update your website regulary   

A website is not a static object. It should be regularly reviewed and refined to ensure that it meets customer requirements. An online presence is an ideal way to market your business widely and cheaply. It can act as an online catalogue for your products and services, an information resource for customers and an e-shop where they can buy instantly from anywhere in the world.

A website should therefore be a work in progress, reviewed and updated constantly, just as a shop-keeper would adapt a window display. Tailor your website accordingly to inform customers on new products, developments or innovations, seasonal offers and / or new initiatives. As in most other areas of running a business, planning is key and the up keep of your website involves a number stages. So now is the time to ensure your site is fit for purpose and running smoothly.

a) Evaluate

Conduct a site audit. Take stock of everything on the site and evaluate it. Is it still correct and relevant?

b) Ask Questions

Research your customers. Ask the public how they review your site? What are the pros and cons? Find out how they discovered your site ie:a search engine, an ad banner etc? Allow them to comment on your service and use this information.

c) Content is Important

Keep areas that are popular or essential. Regularly changing the info on these pages will encourage users to visit more often.You may also want to keep pages that don't need updating but that offer useful info to your users, such as terms & conditions. Update content. Pages that feature or news stories need to be current or eliminated. It is better not to provide any information on a subject rather than give information that is wrong or outdated.

d) Navigation

Is your site structure easy to understand and follow? If customers have to spend too long searching your site to find what they are looking for you will lose them, it doesn't matter how effective your content. A user should never take more than 3 clicks of their mouse to get to any item of content on your website.

e) Seek Advice

If you're not sure where to start ask Optical Paradox to review your site. Part of the web design service includes redesign. Contact Jennifer for an evaluation of your current site or for more information.

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