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Q & A: Frequently Asked Questions   

Q: What does Optical Paradox need in order to create your website?

A: We need as much material about your company / business as you can supply: any leaflets, images, information, business cards, logo to incorporate in the pages and to understand where you are coming from. You will also need to supply any content / text you want including. Everything must be supplied either by email or post. (Request address) You may want to fill in the online form provided to answer the basic initial questions we will be asking.

Q: What do we charge for design solutions?

A: Optical Paradox offer a range of services from web to graphic design. We aim to give a professional service at an affordable fee. Contact us with a brief and we will give you a rough quote depending on what you require.

Q: What is the cost of an average website?

A: We charge £75 per webpage so our fees are quite reasonable in comparison to other design companies who charge a bomb. These £s are for html pages with static text and images. (Rollover images are included!) So you can calculate a general fee depending on the number of pages you require. You will also need a domain name / web address which usually costs £10 for .co.uk (2 yrs) or £20 for .com (2 yrs). And hosting in order to upload your pages, depending on your requirements costs vary. NB: There will be an extra fee for any advanced items required i.e: flash animation. We provide original design solutions which makes us professional but affordable.

Q: Can you provide flash animations?

A: Yes. Flash animations are obviously more expensive as they are time consuming and appear more stylish. Contact us for a quote depending on what your project involves and we will endeavour to accomodate your creative desires. Perhaps you would like an animated intro similar to that of Optical Paradox? If you are planning to have an entirely animated website, at least consider having a hybrid website, with the option to view the html or flash version. Otherwise you may be turning off half your audience and preventing search engines from indexing your website.

Q: Can you set up domain names and hosting?

A: We can advise on the purchasing of domain names and hosting but we prefer clients to set these up for themselves so that they are in complete control of their website details, renewing payments etc. All we ask is that once domain names and hosting / web space are set up, that you forward any email notifications including your login details and ftp details to Optical Paradox, so that we can have access to upload files etc.

Q: Where do you acquire your photos?

A: We use gallery services like Stock.Exchange (http://www.sxc.hu) and IStockPhoto (http://www.istockphoto.com) to find quality royalty free photos for use on websites. Most of these photos are free or extremely cheap (50p to £1.50 per photo). Alternatively, we take the photos ourselves using a Canon Powershot S2 IS Camera, so there are no copyright issues.

Q: Can I update my website myself?

A: If necessary, we can also set up a CMS (Content Management system) like wordpress which enables you to update content via logging onto your website in your internet browser. You can then edit existing information or add new pages yourself. Added functionality / CMS may require further charges as there may be a programmer / developer involved. Also, please bear in mind that CMS applications can hinder/limit creativity and there will be at least some basic learning required on your part. Therefore, if you are unwilling to accept these conditions, it would be wise instead to just pay the web designer a small fee to do updates, as and when they are required. (PS: I speak from experience here... clients often want an updateable site, then afterwards lack the time or effort required to actually update it themselves).

Q & A - frequently asked questions

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