Welcome to our Dishwasher information page. Read all about the    features that can make your life easier.
   Dishwasher Features:
Sizes - Dishwashers come in a variety of sizes to suit yours and your families needs. The sizes are categorised by place settings. They are: 4, 8 and 12.
 Performance - All dishwashers are graded from a to g based on their Energy efficiency, wash performance and dry performance. With A being the best. Dishwashers that achieve top ratings in all three categories are awarded the ‘aaa' grade and offer the ultimate overall performance.
 Energy Efficiency - This rating is based on how efficiently the dishwasher uses your water, electricity and detergent. An 'a' graded dishwasher will save money and the environment!
Wash Performance - This rating is based on how well the dishwasher cleans your dishes. A graded dishwashers will leave your dishes sparkling clean!
Dry Performance - This rating is based on how well the dishwasher dries your dishes. An 'a' graded dishwasher will leave the least amount of water.
Added Features & Benefits
There are a number of added features to look out for which help to give a maximum performance:
   Programme Options

Dishwashers have a variety of programme settings to accommodate your cleaning needs and your lifestyle. The following are some examples of the most common programmes and features and you will find on modern dishwashers:

Economy Wash: A reduced energy wash to save on electricity, water and detergent.
Half Load Option: Similar to Economy wash as it saves energy. Ideal for small loads.
Quick Wash: for either lightly soiled dishes or for when you need your dishes now!
Fragile Wash: An extra delicate wash which helps protect your glasses and fine china.
Intensive Wash: When you absolutely, positively got to get rid of that dried on food!
Timer Delay : Ideal for saving time money and energy. Using this function will allow you to do your washing at a time when there are cheaper tariffs, eg at night.
Fuzzy logic : This is new technology, which allows dishwashers to make their own washing decisions based on the size and dirtiness of the load.
Sound : Dishwashers today have become very quite, with some making less noise than a kettle. So if noise levels are important to you, look out for the decibel rating