Let's Start with the different Camcorder Formats available:
8mm is the popular equivalent of VHS and provides the same recording quality. Normal 8mm tapes have the same resolution as VHS, but pack more tape into a smaller package. These compact, lightweight camcorders are excellent value for money and are perfect for the first time buyer. Connection to other devices such as VCR's and TV's is also very simple.
The Hi8 format offers the best quality you can get without going digital and is small and lightweight. The format is a higher-quality version of 8mm, much like SVHS is a better version of VHS, and provides higher picture and sound quality. Hi8 camcorders are more expensive than VHS or normal 8mm, but you can see and hear the difference.
Digital 8 / DV:
These camcorders are the digital version of Hi8/8mm camcorder format, delivering superb picture resolution and CD quality sound. The footage you take with these cameras can be downloaded directly on to your computer and you can also use some models as a webcam (via USB). All digital camcorders have a special photo mode, which allows them to double as digital cameras.
Camcorder Features:
Night Shot allows you to record in low light conditions without a separate video light. Zero-Lux models use an infra-red light built-in to the camcorder so you can record quality footage in complete darkness.   Image Stabiliser reduces image shake whilst recording. High quality image stabilisers such as Super Steady Shot can cope with extreme vibration, such as filming from a moving car.You get a rock-solid picture, and the camcorder smoothes your movements if you pan or tilt the camera.   Zoom Ratings are expressed in the form of '100x', meaning 100 times. This is extremely useful for filming distant objects. Ideal for wildlife, sports footage, holidays and weddings. Instantly zoom with 1 button touch. Camcorders have both optical and digital zoom for enhanced quality.
Automatic Focus enables the camera to automatically focus on whatever is in the
centre of your viewfinder.
  LCD Screens allow you to clearly see what you're recording in full colour, then view your results at any time with sound. You can edit footage on the camcorder using individual built-in features.
Bluetooth Technology turns your camcorder into a virtual multimedia centre. Its an international standard in wireless data transmission so you can surf the web or send M-PEG
e-Movies via email from your camcorder without wires or a PC.

A Tripod makes a big difference to professionalism. Avoids wobble,
and you can appear in front of
the camera. Camcorders usually
come with only one battery. So extra batteries can be supplied.

Memory Stick (sony feature) offers secure storage of digital still images and e-Movies and easy transfer of data to any other Memory Stick compatible appliance (eg Home PC). Only the size of a stick of chewing gum, you can store photography, MPEG movies & computer files.
A liquid crystal Digital Display lets you see what you are recording in a natural way. You can achieve more angled shots by tilting the camcorder one way and tilting the viewfinder another (i.e for filming at a kid's level). This feature also makes playback easier than with a small viewfinder.
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