Having a website is becoming a must for most companies and organisations. Customers are starting to view not having a web presence as lacking in the communication stakes similar to not having a telephone, fax or mobile phone.

Reasons for having a website include:

1.Customers expect a website

A few years ago a website was a luxury, now it is a necessity that demonstrates your professionalism. With an effectively designed site, your company or business appears modern and forward thinking.

2.Competitors have an online presence

Are you using the potential of the Internet or losing sales to your competitors? Are you encouraging customers to explore your products or services at any time - 24hrs a day?

3. Open for Business all hours

Convenience for customers - it lets them get information and buy from you when they are ready, right off your website.

4. Lowers Costs

Your site can generate cost savings for your organisation ie: emails are much cheaper than letters or phone calls and useful online information can reduce time spent answering repeat telephone enquiries.

5. Attracting a world wide audience

Your site enables your company, products and services to be accessible to a worldwide audience.

6. Customers need information

Are you keeping customers up-to-date with new offers & info? Customers go online to gather information for future purchases. If you fail to provide it, someone else will. A website can be updated quickly and efficiently, much easier than updating leaflets or brochures.

7. Customers Expect Support & Advice

Provide online help, manuals and documentation to support the products and services you provide.

8. Informs you about your Customers

By monitoring how your site is used, it can be an additional source of valuable information about your customers and prospects.

Your company website is the customer's first impression, it should be a reflection of your business. Would you allow your customers to search endless pages to get your contact information? Do you want to answer your customer's questions, provide product information or keep them guessing?

Think of your website as a brochure. You need an attractive front cover encouraging viewers to delve inside. Then you should have product information, company information, contact information, and reasons why potential customers should choose you over your competitors.

A common misconception is that business owners believe their website will attract millions of visitors within the first week. You have to market your website, just like you market your business. if you take the time to do your research, study internet marketing, spread your website via word of mouth, and implement search engine optimisation, you can achieve great success.

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