Twitter has become an important social media / networking tool for promoting your business online. It relies on a simple question "What are you doing right now?" You can update your status whenever & wherever you choose and it can include your thoughts or activities or can be used to share articles and opinions. If others find your messages / tweets useful or interesting, they may decide to follow you & you may in turn decide to follow them.

You have less than a text message worth of space (140 characters) in order to express yourself so you may need to rearrange your tweet in order to fit everything in. This encourages you to be clear & concise. It is also known as micro-blogging because you are essentially publishing a mini-blog. Various abbreviations / codes are used to communicate on Twitter:


@ is used before an individual or company's username to link to / acknowledge / reference them. This would allow the tweet to show up on the users home page feed and also enable others to click through to their profile. For example, if I wanted to reply to a tweet, I'd type @PhilRuston Oh, I heartily agree.


RT means Retweet and you can use this to repeat a tweet that another user has posted. For example: RT @jenniferclowes: What is Twitter?

// may be used after a RT to add a comment or opinion on the tweet. For example: RT @jenniferclowes: What is Twitter? // What a load of rubbish!

NB: Twitter has just introduced a Retweet button in an attempt to remove what they perceive as untidy tweets. Will it become common place or will tweeps / tweeting people dig their heels in?

Hash Tags

Hashtags are used to add context and keywords / tags to your tweets. You create a hashtag simply by prefixing a word with a hash symbol: #hashtag. You can fout if the subject you're tweeting already has an established hashtag before using one.

More Info Later....

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